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Help Me Price My Home.

Request an estimate listing price based on comprehensive analysis of comparable sold data from tax and other public records.  This estimate listing price range should only be used as a guide to help you price your home or validate your desired asking price.  




We will email our suggested list price shortly!

How Is This Estimate Listing Price Calculated

The estimate pricing you will be provided with is only a suggested listing price range that has been calculated by comparing all of the builder/investor purchased home sale prices in your area, with respect to the size, location and topography of the property.  This provides a baseline estimate range which will help guide your asking price and negotiations.  We suggest you only use this as a guide and that you also consider additional data points that you may be aware of.

Things To Consider When Pricing.

There are MANY benefits to selling directly to a Builder or Investor, which include saving time, money and frustration.   The pricing benefits of selling to a buyer on include:

  • No Realtor Commissions

  • No Open Houses/Showings

  • No Transaction Fees

  • No Listing or Publishing Fees

  • No Marketing Fees

  • No Paperwork Fees 

  • Cash Offers

  • Flexible Closings

  • Leave Unwanted Items Behind

This savings amounts to tens of thousands of dollars back in your pocket, which can also help you price your home more aggressively to attract more buyers and higher offers. 

Why Is There A Range?

Builders and investors vary significantly in how, where and when they purchase properties.  There are many factors that can result in a big spread between the lowest and highest offer you receive, but that is the benefit of using  The biggest factors that impact builder's offer prices are:


  1. Market conditions.  Specifically, "will the home I build in the future sell for the same about or more than a comparable one is selling today".  Market uncertainty can lead to varying offer prices based on the amount of risk each building is willing to take on.

  2. Current project load.  Buyer's habits change depending on how many current projects they have going at one time.  The busier they are, the less likely they are to overpay for a property...even if its a great one.

  3. Material Cost. Given the market for lumber and raw building materials, buyers may be hesitant to over spend on property.  Most recently, lumber has seen such a dramatic spoke that project build costs have increased over 15%!  These factors all play into how much money a builder/buyer is willing to splurge.

  4. Location, Layout and Environment.  We all know that location is KEY, but having great location doesn't always mean that you can pull top dollar for your property.  Some of the biggest factors that impact builder's purchase decision and offer prices are: 

    • how well suited the land is for development.  Is it a corner lot, regular or irregular dimension, does it have any easements, environmental factors, and geological makeup and composition of the group (specifically rocks).

    • Lot Square Footage.  Often times this is a deal breaker, as most municipalities have strict requirements for buildable lot size, position, frontage, impervious ratio (How much of the property is covered by grass/dirt vs. house/pavement/patio or other non water penetrating surfaces.


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