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Maximizing Your Home's Exposure and Offers

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

When it comes to attracting buyers on SellToBuildr, photos and property details go a long way. Because of this, we offer a FREE photo shoot to all sellers that want our camera team to come and snap pictures of their property for publication. Our team knows exactly what to capture to best represent the home, including drone photography for an overview of the property boundaries where possible.

Photos should always include an image of the inside, outside, and basement for each property to ensure that all of the necessary details are captured. If the home is prime for a teardown/rebuild project, then we usually ask that you include as many photos of the outside and property as possible. You can take these on any cameraphone or as mentioned, book our team to come at no cost.

Lot Size is a MAJOR factor for redevelopment projects and should always be highlighted in the property details summary. If you know that your property is a prime regular shaped lot (typically 25x100 - 50 x100 or more) you should make sure to call these details out.

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