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Benefits of Selling To a Builder

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

If you are someone that owns a home on a prime lot in an evolving or already highly desirable town, then you have probably already received may letter or calls from both builder, investors and agents looking to sell your home. While it is no easy decision to make, selling directly to a builder or investor can be one of the smartest financial decisions that you can make, saving you thousands of dollars while also getting you top dollar for your home.

In this article we will talk about the benefits of selling directly to a builder, and some of the most common misconceptions that homeowners have about this type of transaction. Our goal is to help educate homeowners so that they cam make informed decisions about whether or not selling to a builder is the right decision for them.

Misconception #1: "Builders pay less than you would otherwise get by listing". This is definitely FALSE! In today's evolving and highly competitive builder market with many new investors targeting the same areas, builder/investors often pay at or above market value, and also seek home that are both on and off market.

Misconception #2: Builders are sketchy. This is somewhat False. While there are a small minority of builders seeking to get properties at a steal, the vast majority of them are well established business savvy individuals that understand the value of a property given its proposed future project. Builders typically operate with the help of licensed real estate professionals, or they hold a real estate license themselves. Additionally, these buyers usually have access to both cash or credit lines based on their established development history that makes them able to move quickly and make cash offers.

Misconception #3: "I will still have to pay a realtor fee". This is FALSE is most all cases. Builders make offers directly to homeowners and therefor there are no realtor fees connected with the transaction. Even if they do work with a REALTOR, those realtors usually are incentivized by the builder and do not ask for a commission to be paid by the seller. SelltoBuilder has streamlined this process by also engaging a licensed transaction coordinator for you to help create the contracts and support the negotiations.

We have traditionally seen the following benefits to homeowners that choose to sell directly to a builder:

  1. Cash Offer.

  2. Flexible closing timelines.

  3. No need to clean or remove all items from the home.

  4. Pre-executed contract making a new home purchase easier.

  5. No repairs needed.

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